Player Development is an option located in the 100 Ronaldo

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cen 200 100 tir 200 100 tet 200 100 You can then upgrade player's stats there.

==Stats=10000000000000 Stats are the numbers that show up next to the player in Team Management. In the Player Development tab, you can increase the stats with the use of coins. By increasing player stats, you make the player perform better in game, which in turn makes your team better. When you use Player Development on one of your players, (+n) will appear on the stat that was upgraded. The highest any stat can be upgraded is 100

==Cost and Options==100 100 To get these players you need to use Coins. You can get coins by watching a short video or buying some with real money, or through matches and achievements.

In DLS 2016, the way stats are upgraded is different, with only 10 different stats for each player. The cost of upgrading is based on how high their stats are.

There are six options when upgrading a player: Fitness (Speed, Acceleration, and Stamina), Attacking (Up grades Shooting, Strength, and Heading), Technique (Upgrades Control, Passing, and Crossing), Distribution (Upgrades Passing, Crossing, and Heading), Defending (Upgrades Heading, Tackling, and Strength), and Goalkeeping (Upgrades GK Handling, GK Reflexes, and GK Positioning).

When a player's overall has been upgraded by a certain amount, their appearance in team management may become silver or gold. Based on their original rating, the upgrade amount required varies. When a player reaches 100 overall, their appearance changes again to black

==In the transfer market ==100 Now, it is possible to see 'upgraded players', which are players that have had their stats increased and are either silver or gold. This can be an efficient way of buying a player with excellent stats instead of upgrading them yourself.

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