Lane Change (left/right)Edit

The final skill move can be done by swiping left or right anywhere on the screen, depending on which direction you want to go. It is fairly simple, with a high success rate.

Rainbow Flick Edit

This skill move can be done by swiping up on the right side of the screen.

NOTE: To perform this trick perfectly a player should have ball control above 80.

Bicycle Kick Edit

Method 1 Edit

When your player is moving the opposite direction from the goalkeeper do a rainbow flick and swipe to the direction where you wish to get a goal.

Method 2 Edit

When a player has the ball, make him kick the ball so that the ball flies to the player in front of the goal post.make sure that your player,who is standing in front of the goal post gets the ball.Before the ball is caught by your player swipe left or right to perform a bicycle kick.