Old trafford

Types of buildings Edit

There are three types of buildings and stands: corners,sides and end stands.

Also, you can use the corners for either more stands, lights, buildings or a large screen.

Stadium upgrades Edit

Stadium Building upgrades Edit

The default stadium involves the two end and four corner stadium buildings. They are all very small and should be upgraded regularly.suppost to be and Barcelona logo

Pitch pattern Edit

There is also the option of changing the pitch pattern of the stadium. There are varying costs for this, but it is only a cosmetic upgrade.

== Cost ==100000000000 Stadiums cost coins to upgrade, and return a certain amount after one game. For example, a well upgraded stadium will earn a good home stadium bonus in coins, which always returns, even if you lose.

== Customization ==FC Barcelona Apart from these upgrades, stadiums can also be customized. You cannot change the name of your stadium which shows up on the stadium, and there are also fans. Fans cheer when you score, and act sad when you are scored on. Also, there are usually banners and posters in the stands cheering for players like your captain and goalie, and also you team.

Other information Edit

Stadiums also are important in getting into different divisions. You must have a stadium capacity of y people in order to gain entry into higher divisions.